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Welcome to Worldmaker.Org


This web site holds the stories, articles and other writing I've accumulated over the years, some new to the web and some transfered from other sites, such as BonDevZone.

If you enjoy the work here and want to contribute to more production and help launch new ventures to improve the world then I invite you to join in or spread the word.

I hope you all enjoy my work.  Don't forget to return for updates or register through the various pages to the up-date mailing lists.

- Michael

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Information on Technical Blog
& Other Matters

Special Articles on:-

Articles on Computing and computer problems over the years, beginning with Windows 2000 and onwards.

Humour, including:-

Rants & Raves.

So if you enjoy a bit of a blog-that-isn't-a-blog, then you'll find something to pass the time here.


Stories & Other Work

FREE Short Story

The Book of Dragon's Vale, free short story by Michael Bond, inspired by JRR Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings, register today for your free copy
"The Book of Dragon's Vale"

Inspired by JRR Tolkien's "Lord of the Rings".
A new interpretation of a mythic world.
(Hundreds of copies distributed directly around the world and everyone is encouraged to share it onwards with their friends.)
Click HERE to receive a FREE copy of "Dragon's Vale"
Tell all your friends.

Book Of Happiness, comic satire about the Big Ideas from British Prime Minister David Cameron and his Happiness Index"The Little Book of Happiness"
Raising money for the Stockport Revival Project and other good causes, enjoying the Bestest Big Idea from the Prime Minister of Little England, David Cameron (subject to U-Turns). 
Book Of Happiness, Prime Minister David Cameron's Happiness Index.Go HERE

of a technical nature.

Technical Notices About the Web Site

Best viewed in a web-compliant browser like SeaMonkey, or FireFox, NOT Internet Explorer, the Worldmaker site is always undergoing changes, up-dates and more and a whole team of munchkins are working hard on making it pretty, well prettier.

So you'll see sparse zones of emptiness, like deep cyberspace, and others gradually filling with fun things.

Have patience, register to be up-dated in occasional newsletters.

Cheerio for now! 


Intellectual Property Notices

All design rights, trademarks, contents copyright, and other appropriate intellectual property rights remains the sole title of Michael Bond, 2009 onwards, unless otherwise stated.
If you wish use/reproduction of any material then write to ask nicely.

Contact the Worldmaker

If you want to contact the Worldmaker you'll be able to do so through this page, more details to come when I have time to complete the site.

Contact WorldMaker to register for anything HERE.

how and when to invest in projects, etc,
receiving a free book.
And so much more.

Or stay in touch with all financial developments and ambitions for the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, to lift the world economy to a new age of prosperity, through Twitter @mbprosperity




To raise funds.


To produce more entertainment, stories, film, TV,
to launch a series of revitalising economic initiatives,
to solve key social, technological and economic problems,
to improve the environment and social conditions.

One aspect of this site is to promote ideas and initiative to improve local conditions and to raise public support for these and more seed programmes.

If successful these initiatives can be reproduced throughout the country for everyone's benefit.

The heart of these initiatives if the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan.

To participate in the fund-raising appeals visit:-

Reddish Vale

Photo Album

Over the years I've created a little photo album of the Vale, and here's your chance to peer through my lens.

Other Links & Activities

Other projects are planned or under consideration, subject to sufficient wealth in the future, and your find occasional notices on the "Campaigns" button when they are ready for the public.






Special Campaigns and other efforts to improve local conditions or to raise world-wide public awareness of important issues.

These can be any project or programme of projects which you are encouraged to support, sponsor or join in to improve a special situation.


Prosperity Plan Campaign with videos and options to join in and share the rewards.  It will lead to...

... the Cheshire Thousand Venture Fund for th elaunch of  aseries of strategic investment projects in advanced technology and a rang eof personal initiatives in the immediate local community around the Stockport Initiative and the Reddish Revival programme.
See "MONEY".



News announcements & Up-dates

2017 (May)

Yet another general election #brelection so here's a dummies guide for newcomers or the very confused


Up-date for SpringShip To Mars project concept.  New ideas in interplanetary spacecraft design and performance.  Read more and come to invest in the future.


Article: Trickle-Down Economics: Failure & Solution

Christmas 2014

Science Fiction articles about: Killing Terminators, Terminator Timelines & Artificial Worlds.

September 2014

Rumbler - A Supercar to save the world.
Article response to Ed Miliband's Labour Conference pledges.

Summer 2014

New Prosperity Article: Road to Exports.