Decline and Fall of Britain..?

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Date:  24th, March, 2014

Decline and Fall of Britain. Is it inevitable that we repeat history
or can it teach us lessons to avoid the trap of doom?

The government is printing money to pay for its excesses and economic woes.  While power at the centre weakens the provinces become more agitated and assertive.  In answer to this the government create a system of regional and special power brokers to distribute authority to agencies around the country.  To distract the public the government use entertainment, major public stunts and minor war in the middle east.  Economic productivity declines, and people rely increasingly on support from the "generosity" of the government.

Looking around Britain today you can see many of these features, from the government's use of quantitative easing, printing money to prop up the economy, through the rise of regional nationalism in Wales and Scotland and the English provinces.  The rise of an ever-more powerful bureaucracy increases, with the government abandoning responsibility as it's handed to more agencies with their "Czars" in a form of neo-feudalism.  Meanwhile, to pay for it all, taxes and bureaucracy increase with the power of lawyers and the courts repressing the people.

In the private sector the industrial economy is abandoned or sold overseas as fast as "barbarian" venture capital, banking and wealthy foreign asset strippers can plunder the weakened domestic economy, penetrating into the very heart of the country and the capital city.

It all sounds very familiar, but what I have described was the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

Like Britain today, repeating history from 1600 years ago, the Roman Emperors faced their own demise.  Taxes rose and the currency was debased through endless "printing" of currency to pay for Imperial expenses.  As the power of Rome declined we saw the rise of the original feudalism with the fringes of Empire tearing away, "barbarian" hordes (actually far more civilized than the brute Romans) taking over the provinces, the rise of Knights and Barons and much more that Europe would become familiar with over the following thousand years.

We all know of the bread and circuses (dole & Olympics) used by Emperors to entertain, distract and pacify the mob, a successful strategy that work for hundreds of years, but eventually even this gave out as the Romans became too degenerate to fight for their own survival against outside "barbarian" forces or adapt to social, economic and environmental changes in their world, a blind political class ignoring the storms of change sweeping their way.

As so today we can look back on the remnants of a fallen empire and wonder why did it happen and could they have avoided it?

Lessons Of History

Unlike the ancient Romans we have an advantage they never possessed - history.

With thousands of years' history from around the world we can look back and see the patterns of decline and fall in many empires, from ancient Egypt, through Rome, Byzantium and China, not as inevitable but potentially avoidable.

Unlike Rome and the ancient Empires Britain possesses a different political, economic, social and historic make-up.  We have always been a more liberal/democratic and adaptable people; but the trends are there for those of you who want to see them and heed their warnings.  We are in decline and fall of a once-great empire, but it's not inevitable that we collapse in final ruin, we can change our future.

History shows us what happened, but new politics can allow new options.  Democracy and freely available public information and education raises the quality of the populace, not as a mindless ignorant mob, despite the attempts of the governing class to "dumb-down" our society and spin their lies on us all, but as a people who can take control and alter the course of past history.

We've seen those ancient declines and falls, and we can see the trend in Britain today.  We can take charge and chart a new course away from final collapse if we choose to.

The rise of the bureaucracy and provincial nationalism show us the weakness of the government, weak in vision, weak in will power, weak in any sense of duty to the greater nation or vision of its future.  Unlike ancient empires this power is not so well entrenched.  We can elect to remove it and find a new vision.

Unlike the ancients we must be prepared to find and embrace such a vision.  A vision of unity, a vision of prosperity, of justice and dignity for growth and recovery.  Decline and Fall is not our fate if we choose another course.

Now choose.




Keys: Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Decline and Fall of the British Empire, new vision, Byzantium, ancient Egypt.  Quantitative Easing printing money, wars in the middle east, feudalism, neo-feudalism, bread and circuses, dole and Olympics.

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