BREXIT Politics and the evolution of British Liberty
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BREXIT & The Liberty Of Britain

Date: Tuesday, 7th, February, 2017

Last year in Britain saw the political revolution of BREXIT and the overturning of many political dreams of European Unity and a future for the country under the rule of a greater society. This may have come as a shocking surprise to many but there is nothing new in this event, it is one of many such moments that have marked the journey of Britain for the last two thousand years.

From the time of the Romans onwards the British have had a particular way with and resistance to centralised autocratic rule, whether chopping the heads off a king, resisting the power of foreign rulers, writing Magna Carta to constrain the power of kings, the British have striven to assert their liberty.

As the country evolved over the last fifteen hundred years through the rise of British, Viking, Anglo-Saxon and Norman values, that sense of liberty has slowly and painfully evolved from the power and freedom of an aristocratic few earls, lords, thanes, barons and others, through the growth of an increasingly powerful merchant class and their Parliament, the British way of politics has always been far more about a common sense of liberty and social duty rather than the centralised autocratic rule and grandiose power of Emperors, Sun Kings, High Priests in Rome, corrupt Long Parliaments or, nowadays, the dreams of The Party's Big Brother and the management class bureaucrats who think to be better than the rest of the country.

And so, like other times in history, a civil war, a peasants revolt, a public vote, the autocracy has been thrown aside in favour of something, anything, better than the endless instructions, rules, regulations that served few in the public and all in the bureaucracy.

Britain is not Europe and this is often forgotten amongst those with grander visionary ideals of social or political conformity to radical ideologies that work to force universal standards yet disregard simple principles of public duty.

The European tradition of central rule did not suit Britain and the European-style ideologies have failed to understand or accommodate this. We see the referendum against Europe as a peaceful transition, despite the resistance of many; but we also see the ever-weakening decline of Labour Socialism. Here too is another form of European autocratic rule, the power of Kings, Emperors and High Priests in the guise of democracy and the dictatorship of the proletariat through The Party and its demand for absolute power over many aspects of society disrespecting the interests of personal liberty.

This is something the Labour movement will have to face in the years to-come, whether they can accept that the power of central and absolute control can ever be held over the British people is a vain dream of glory that will never come.

BREXIT takes Britain on a new path and the political Opposition in parliament had little voice in this decision. It may be in the years to come the Labour movement, so tied to this ideal of autocratic rule, will too fade the way of other movements in the past, the way the Liberal movement faded into a small nub on the far reaches of power.

And this leads to yet another issue as there is no effective strength of vision for Britain, no vision in the government, which barley expected this sudden change, and no real vision of Britain's future as a freer nation able to assert its historic liberty.

We live in interesting times and the changes have only just begun. There is far more to-come.



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