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Some of these articles were originally published during a burst of enthusiasm between 2002 and 2006 on the web site and are moved here as part of the redesign of the whole DevZone.

Inventions & Innovations

SpringShip (2010-16)
Design Invention for a practical interplanetary exploration spaceship, precursor for interstellar exploration starship and trigger for a new industrial revolution.  The Springship can take man on our first journies of exploration to Mars and aroudn out solar system while creating the wealth to lift the world out of recession, stimulating a new age of scientific discovery and creation.
A project plan for the Springship to Mars already exists.
Latest updated for new design concepts and animation of the SpringShip's new style.
Water Teepee
Innovation for clean water in arid regions of the world.
Ultra-Smart Watch (2013)
New design and invention for the next generation of smartphones that fit on your wrist.  These new Wristborne Digital Devieces (WDDs) will blend elegant styling with a new improved and streamlined interface to make control over your smarter applications (Smapps?) easy and convenient for daily use without distraction from your regular life.
Air Diamond (2009)
There's this Big Issue about something called carbon in the atmosphere casuing a little heating in the air, so some "experts" say we should sink it in the water or underground to get rid of it, but what about other alternatives to make practical use of this wonderful material, which is the basis of diamond?
Here's a proposal for a productive use of excess carbon in the atmosphere.
There are many more opportunities.

Technology Articles

Windows XP (2014)
Preserving your investment in Windows XP after the end of Microsoft support in April 2014.  Tips and techniques for users to retain Windows XP, their work and applications for many years to-come.
Apple Squash (2012)
Solving internet connection problems for a Windows 7 PC by managing background processes, limiting startup applications and squashing a conflict with processes.
Extreme PC (2004)
Suggestions on building your own, extreme performance PC.
Mozilla Ate My Mail (2003)
Solving problems using Netscape/Mozilla when you find your mail profile has been lost.
Windows Network Failure (2003)
What happens if your PC cannot access the home workgrounp network? Understanding and managing Computer Browser Services in Windows 2000 Professional when "Workgroup Not Assessible" error messages occur.

Science Fiction Related & Speculative Articles

Artificial Worlds
Exploring designs and working of artificial worlds Ringworlds, Springworlds, Discworlds and Holloworlds. How to create and mintain a viable natural living environment identical to a planet.
Terminator Timelines
Understanding the possible links in the various time-travelling Terminator films and TV series through to Terminator Genisys and beyond..?
Killing Terminators
A few suggestions for weapons and techniques to kill Terminator robots/androids/cyborgs when they come stalking across your living room.

Humour Articles

BREXIT & The Kettle Question
Were you in or out of the EU, how does the EU see the real Kettle Question, come and boil up your blood when you read all about EUI rules we'll be escaping from, to supervise your cuppa.
Monty Python's Internet
3 reasons to thank Monty Python's Flying Circus for the internet.
Hand-Dyer For Dummies
A guide to the critical need for cleanliness in the workspace, print and post this Dummies Guide for the dummies in your workplace.
Thoughts For The Day
Odds and ends of humour, well I call it humour, to pass the time.

Miscellaneous, Politics and Other Goodies

Diesel and The Particulars of Particulates
If you want to solve the problems of world-wide urban pollution it will take a lot more than the Diesel zombies.
Diesel Zombie Apocalypse
Diesel Zombie Apocalypse and Orwell's 1984. Spinning truth in our post-truth unreality as diesel engines receive more bad publicity after years of enthusiastic approval by the Establishment.
Hinkley Point Atomic Power
A llittle history and some thoughts about the future of Britain's atomic power industry with the help of the Labour Party, the French and the Chinese.
BREXIT : 5 Random thoughts Post-Referendum
Wer've had the vote, now what?
BREXIT : Coin Toss
Well there is one way to make a decision about the future of Britain.
BREXIT : Three Little Words
Summinmg up the whole argument on the three key issues.
BREXIT & The Kettle Question
Were you in or out of the EU, how does the EU see the real Kettle Question, come and boil up your blood when you read all about EUI rules we'll be escaping from, to supervise your cuppa.
Mirror Madness
Are our tabloid newspapers creating a dangerous mental health issue for society?
Paratrooper George
My father's WWII history in the British Army's 2nd Independent Parachute Brigade.
Response to the European Directive (1/Sept/2014) on cutting power of vacuum cleaner motors.
3 Things I Hate About Environmentalism.  Is environmentalism improving or destroying the world?
The Waste-Land of Britain (2014)
Solutions to the housing crisis, if we're prepared to look
at improved urban design.
Decline & Fall of Britain (2014)
Decline and Fall of Britain. Is it inevitable that we repeat history
or can it teach us lessons to avoid the trap of doom?
Presumed Consent State-Authorised Cannibalism (2013)
Does any government have any right to seize your flesh for the satisfaction of others?  Is "presumed consent" in medical practice just another, modern form of brutal cannibalism?
Thatcher's Legacy (2013)
Margaret Thatcher's death leaves a tainted legacy for Britain and its future.  Here are a few personal thoughts.



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