The Jubilee Yacht
A New Royal Yacht for Her Majesty's 2012 Diamond Jubilee

100% Cash Refund of All Donations.
Full tax-deductibility of all private donations.
Full Tax-Free Refunds to Private Donors.

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The proposal to give a new Royal Yacht to Her Majesty in celebration of this Diamond Jubilee year of 2012 is a wonderful idea, but the dire economic circumstances facing the British government prevent them from undertaking such a task.  I therefore propose to offer my facilities under the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan as a means of raising and managing the funding for such a yacht and offer:-

  1. Full principal protection for all donations - all money shall remain secure throughout this project.
  2. Full cash refund at the completion of this project - that all money from public and private sector donors shall be refunded to them following the completion and delivery of the Jubilee Yacht to Her Majesty.
  3. Tax-deductibility for all private and corporate donors - that by channelling money through the Prosperity Plan all money shall be deemed a deductible expense.
  4. Tax-Free refund for all private donors - that all donations from private sector donors shall be returned free of tax.


The Commonwealth Prosperity Plan

The Prosperity Plan is a strategy to lift the UK economy out of recession by stimulating new technologies, new industries and revitalising existing ones as no cost or risk to any financial participant.

Through public support, sponsorship and subscriptions a programme of work is to be undertaken, beginning with key technology industries to launch new ventures and new products for job creation and wealth creation.

You can learn more and see a clearer example of this at - offering prestige and special edition British sports cars to wealthy clients prepared to sponsor the launch of the Prosperity Plan.


Extreme Financial Performance

Exceptional benefits for all donors.

The heart of the Prosperity Plan is a unique financial model, a new economic model to solve the core issues of cost and risk in all projects - that there is no core financial loss to any subscriber.
The Jubilee Yacht will be built and all money then returned to all supporters.
There will be NO RISK to the principal capital donated by the public once the critical target has been reached.
Arrangements will be made to reduce tax liability to nought - private donors should receive a full refund free of tax.


Donors Just 200?

It may take as little as just 200 private donors to pay for the Yacht, wealthy private donors, corporations and others who wish to be part of an exclusive VIP Jubilee Yacht Club.


Design Of Yacht

The Jubilee Yacht offers a remarkable opportunity to stimulate and present the very best of British design and engineering to the world.  This must not be missed.
The yacht should exceed expectations rather than adopt mundane and safe styles.  A number of possibilities exist for the shaping and construction of the hull, especially in light of very recent events with the sinking of one luxury liner off the coast of Italy.  Consider the following possibilities:-

  1. Use of an ocean-going catamaran hull for speed and the ability to provide a very broad deck area, good for large staterooms and ballrooms.
  2. Multi- skinned hull.  Two or even three spaced layers to the hull will reduce the chance of sinking if you brush up against a rock, or hit an iceberg.
  3. Other techniques, which I shall not go into here.

(NOTE:  There is already a design concept for the Yacht, these are just my initial independent thoughts. - MB.)


Michael Bond

This writer is a professional finance specialist in the field of escrow management, responsible for the safe and secure holding of funds for the settlement of international business transactions; and a part-time technology designer and innovator in fields such as aerospace, automotive, architecture and maritime industries.

See Biog. for more details.


Contact & Join Now

   If you want to contact Michael and join this effort then do so through this link.


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