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The Big Idea Of The Year - A Happiness Index.
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Thank you to the British Prime Minister David Cameron and his enthusiasm, for the bestest Big Idea Of The Year (2011).  His driving ambition to create a "Happiness Index" has brought about the launch of this wonderful Little Book of Happiness.  Now you have an opportunity to share in the Prime Minister's Big Vision, to enjoy it and to use it to improve your community, here's how:-

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Background - The Prime Minister's Happiness Index

The Prime Minister David Cameron's plan (2011) is to measure the state of Happiness in the country with a Happiness Index (no idea why, but since when has that stopped a politician spending tax-payers money on something "visionary"?).  But how do you measure Happiness in a country beset with austerity, spending cuts like an Amazonian timber gang on a slash and burn spree, and a recesison that has seen millions of young people thrown on the same sacrificial mountain as those from the 1980s, an dtens of thousands of families threatened with homelessness from government policy?

The Little Book of Happiness is a blackly-comic series of satirical illustrations from British artists intended to help you measure your position in the state of happines in the country.  A uniquely satirical, and toatlly independent Happiness Index of ten Key Stages from Agony to Ecstasy in an A3 poster-sized format for you to hang on your wall and while enjoying the delights of Britain in the throes of political radicalism, again. 

There is another, vitally important reason for this Book of Happiness - to provide a real solution for you, your community and the country, to get us all out of the pits recession and austerity and revive this country's fortunes with a new sustainable age of propserity.

Here's the first stage...

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A Fund-Raising For Charity and Community Projects


The Happiness Index is a great opportunity for you, your friends and community to become involved in raising money for charity and good causes. 

The aim is to sell upto one million copies (before the government do a U-turn and cancel the Happiness Index tomorrow) to entertain everyone in the country.  Upto 25% of the proceeds from direct sales will be donated to good causes.  This will raise upto three million pounds around the country if we all work successfully to reach that target.

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New Children's Board Game - Snakes & Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom

Snakes and Ladders: Paths Of Wisdom, invented by Michael BondThere's much more.  The Book of Happiness includes a new board game for all the family.

For youngsters of any age, a new version of the ancient game Snakes & Ladders. "Paths Of Wisdom"™ is a new version of the game to teach children moral lessons about life, about taking short cuts, avoiding snakes and following the path of wisdom to a better life.

The Commonwealth Prosperity Plan

And beyond the Book Of Happiness and any Happiness Index or other Big Ideas from the Prime Minister.

There is a solution to the country's economic, social and environmental problems, a solution that needs its own fund-raising to launch successfully, and this is one of the key reasons I have produced this book and several other innovative ideas.

If successful this Commonwealth Prosperity Plan will revolutionise the country's economy.

You can learn more inside the book, and if you want to take up the opportunity of helping promote it around the country, to all your family and friends we'll be out of this mess far sooner.

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Publication of Book Of Happiness - BEE-Books

The Little Book Of Happiness will be published by a new independent publishing enterprise - BEE-Books.  To learn more and buy your copy, or make donations to a good cause of your choice follow the link below.

-  Michael Bond

Happy banner, go to www.bookofhappiness.co.uk for more information

Visit the book of Happiness web site to learn more and buy now.

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