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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
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Article: 27th, February, 2014

Illustration:  Flood Britannia, article about a sixty milliard initiative to restore communities in the UK

In response to the devastating flooding of much of Britain's lowlands at the beginning of 2014.  Here is an option to restore the country and its flood & coastal defences at no cost to the government's treasury.

The floods that hit Britain a few weeks ago were devastating for hundreds of thousands of people in their homes. Poor flood defences, neglect of them, and bad, cheap housing all contributed to the damage. It may take years for the effected communities to recover with no promise they'll be safe from future floods.

Part of the problem is poor design of the urban areas, part is the economic crisis that has slashed budgets to maintain even minimally adequate flood and coastal defences.

Recovery will be slow, insurance may help many householders and businesses to repair their properties but there won't be enough to expand the flood defences in any long term strategy of protection or improve housing conditions against future floods.

There is a solution for this, something I originally drew up in response to the devastation of Japan following the 2011 tsunami. A combination of an independent finance strategy and new architecture could deliver a major restoration programme to a million homes without the need for government intervention and build new, superior flood and coastal defences.

Using alternative private finance methods this regeneration programme of upto sixty thousand million pounds can be managed for the devastated areas. Of this 20-25%, upto fifteen thousand million pounds, can go into new improved flood defences.

Finance is half the answer to this critical issue. The other half is new design.

The devastation of the land shows the vulnerability of conventional British architecture in low-lying areas. A major restoration programme can include new styles of design to replace or add to existing housing stocks. Here the challenge is to produce new homes without consuming valuable and scarce green belts or farmland.

With ambitious plans to rebuild flood defences the reinforced banks of rivers can become the foundations of new vertical styles of luxury and affordable housing.

The concept of raised/vertical housing above flood levels is already well-known but not widely-adopted in Britain. The floods and availability of new private finance now makes this a viable option to replace damaged housing and build new flood proof homes.

This is a regeneration and new-build programme at no cost to the government. It contributes thousands of millions to flood and coastal defences for the community. In a time of government financial restraint I believe this strategy will offer the best chance of environmental and economic recovery for the devastated areas and prevent future repeats.




The new flood restoration programme is a part of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan for the delivery of new economic restoration and growth. Further details of the urban design aspects can be seen at the focal web site: FreeHomes.sterlingsecure.co.uk/FloodBritannia


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The writer is a former finance specialist.

For the last few years he has focussed his attention on the development of an alternative economic strategy for the UK and world economy through the stimulus of new technology innovation, design and the arts.

In his estimation the true unappreciated economic potential of the UK is enough to solve all UK economic, social and environmental problems without additional increases in taxation or regulation.  This is the basis of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a "Plan B" for Britain.

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[Key words, etc:  These pages are subject to frequent changes.  Subject matter relates to the economic strategies of the British government, with regard to the banking financial crisis, the ongoing austere recession and factors to revive the economy through such measures as quantitative easing, tax cuts, reduction in planning permissions and much more.  Benefits of the Prosperity Include large-scale employment solution to the national housing crisis, protection of the green belts and countryside against urbanisation.]

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