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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond

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Article: 6th, September, 2014

Image of Rumbler Sport Tank, two seat version.

A new prosperity begins with a new car. How a luxury sports car can spark a revival of the world economy and avert the further rise of political chaos in the world.

Syria and Iraq are in chaos, suffering mass murder and ethnic cleansing. The Ukraine threatens its own collapse. And the United Kingdom could be torn apart with devolution and Scottish independence.

From a distant point of view, looking at the world's growing problems, it's as if chaotic instability is spreading like a cancer across the surface of the world. Underlying much of this is economic recession and poverty. The Middle East is suffering from enormous destitution following the ruins of war. Russia is suffering economically and their government reacts with the distractions of the Ukraine while looting Ukrainian industries. In Britain the economy was almost the only focus of the disruptive devolution debate in Scotland amongst an increasing call for more provincial government throughout the UK over the weakened capital in London.

In one way this economic disruption today and the rise of aggressive reactionary political and religious forces is reminiscent of the rise of fascism in the 1930s which led to the horror and holocaust of World War II.

However, we do have an advantage over previous generations. By learning from their experience we can avoid more chaos and choose a better alternative future. Modern politicians are aware of the dangers and are taking measures to avert some of these problems, but even they haven't been able to answer the most deeply-seated economic and social problems facing us today.

A lack of economic prosperity is a key factor in the rise of extremism. Poverty forces people to the fringes of society and into the hands of extremists. If prosperity can be assured for the world, extremism might be nullified, reduced back to the shadowy margins of society.

Prosperity is difficult when the investment money from governments and banks are locked away. Governments are too poor and banks too risk averse in the current recession, thus money fails to circulate and a healthy economic suffers in decline. If this situation is to be corrected an alternative approach is needed to trigger the revival of the economy and alleviate poverty and despair.

If there is no money circulating from conventional sources then alternatives must be explored. From my own experience and work over the last few years I've concluded there is a solution to greater prosperity for the world.

The trigger for such prosperity still demands a huge investment. This is something I have begun to solve by designing a new high performance supercar.

A supercar to save the world?

Today in the world economy the British luxury car industry is booming. Wealthy clients from around the world are lapping up the best in British design and engineering wrapped in the finest luxury.

This is a market that can produce a high volume of capital turnover and investment for a relatively small volume of production. It's a good way quickly to raise the money for launching a new prosperity programme if you can create the right formula of design, production quality and price package to serve the wealthy buyer.

This package of design and price is the basis of the Rumbler Sport Tank.

The Rumbler

The Rumbler Sport Tank is a solution to a problem. It's a solution to designing a new kind of car for the luxury VIP market, one that offers a bold, distinct style and security suitable for our increasingly insecure world. And it's a solution to raising the money needed for a new prosperity by offering VIP clients a distinctive product and driving experience.

Success of the Rumbler will demonstrate the potential for a new prosperity founded on creative design, technology innovation and new finance. The Rumbler project will pave the way for a growing wave of improvement in the world following its proven path to success.

A supercar is just the beginning. Its success is a proof-of-concept for design, engineering and new financial models to invest in growth, employment and prosperity. There is no limit to what we could achieve beyond this point onwards into a better, healthier, saner future for all.


The Rumbler Sport Tank was inspired by the Batmobile from the "Dark Knight" series of films. The objective has been to create a glamorous, distinctive, outstanding supercar that blends military levels of security with excellent luxury and performance.

Appealing to the discerning wealthy driver, collector, investor and enthusiast, Rumbler is offered in a limited edition in two-seat and a four-seat versions.

Development and production will incorporate a range of distinctive robust technology features.

To serve the VIP client in the current insecure world Rumbler provides a secure protection against attack in the unlikely event it occurs.

Success of the Rumbler will raise at least one thousand million pounds for its development and the first step in a new prosperity for the world.


Rumbler is not a lightweight "dune buggy" concept, despite its appearance. This is a Sport Tank, a semi-off-road long distance touring vehicle for more adventurous drivers in less hospitable parts of the world that demand a rugged design, high performance and good personal protection.

The two-seat Rumbler (illustrated) is larger than a Range Rover, measuring over 17 foot long and over 8 foot wide, standing over 5 foot high. This is the kind of supercar you want for travel through the bush, across deserts and Steppe, not the tight confines of European country lanes and small tracks.

Structure is of composite manufacture for light weight and high strength in tough conditions.

Engineering design throughout emphasises ruggedness over delicate machinery. There is far less emphasis on the modern fashion for digital electronics and far greater focus on a purely mechanical function for critical elements, from engine, through gearbox and drive system.


If we are to avert deeper crises in the world we must address many of the core problems that turn people to extremism. One of these is poverty. The Rumbler Sport Tank is my answer to addressing this by offering an exceptional product to VIP clients. Through the Rumbler it is possible to raise the money needed for a range of further initiatives in the world economy for investment, prosperity, growth and peace.

Rumbler is the supercar to save the world.

Web Site

To learn all about the Rumbler Sport Tank and associated start-up activities visit the Rumbler web site at:


  1. While economic prosperity can influence the rise of extremism other factors such as national identity in a larger world economy can cause people to reject greater prosperity if it's perceived to be associated with their loss of national, religious, cultural or other identity. This prosperity is not a single, final answer to the deeper problems of health, sanity, safety and peace in the world, but it is a very good start for most people struggling on the edge of survival.

  2. This articles follows up from my previous one on trickle-down economics. Rumbler is intended as the mechanism to trigger a trickle-down flow from wealthy clients into the rest of the world economy.

  3. We'll be opening Rumbler to investment/crowd funding soon.



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The writer is a former finance specialist.

For the last few years he has focussed his attention on the development of an alternative economic strategy for the UK and world economy through the stimulus of new technology innovation, design and the arts.

In his estimation the true unappreciated economic potential of the UK is enough to solve all UK economic, social and environmental problems without additional increases in taxation or regulation.  This is the basis of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a "Plan B" for Britain.


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