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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond

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Article: 30th, August, 2014

In a few days time a monumental decision will be made in Scotland about the future of the British people. But will that decision be made with a flawed view of the historic nature and future potential of Britain? There is a better alternative future than conventional policies and sectarian division.

Britain & The British - The Silent Majority

In the debate over Scottish independence no one has discussed the true issue - the unity and identity of the British people.

For over a thousand years there has been a dream of unity for all the British Isles.  Unity for the Isles after being broken apart by the Roman Empire, unity of Celtic and eventually all of the new British.

In all the current divisive sectarian arguments of nationalism and devolution the issue of British unity and identity has been ignored.  And yet that dream, that promise, has lived on through the centuries. We are the silent majority here it is time we were heard.

For one brief moment in history over eleven hundred years ago the British, all the tribes and people of the British Isles, were almost united under one king, one law, one justice and government.

Under Aethelstan, the British Isles, England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, were briefly united.  Counter-historians will argue that it was only Aethelstan's propaganda, calling himself King of Kings, that created a false unity despite the allegiance of the other Kings of the Isles.  But what cannot be ignored is the historic fact that we came so close to creating a better union of all the British peoples.

It's likely that this moment in history gave birth to the Romantic legend of King Arthur, suggesting a dreamtime of peace and justice throughout the realm.

Today it seems we've lost any such dream in the petty bureaucratic money-grubbing squabble over oil, currency and power for local tribal chieftains.  We're beginning to loose our unity in favour of sectarian tribalism as fences are raised against neighbours.

The Greed for Power versus Unity and the Future Age

I believe unity of Britain this is a vastly more important vision for our future peace, prosperity and justice. The future of Britain and the world is already leading us to a greater common community as we are increasingly connected through hundreds of channels of communication and shared ideals. 

This present time of sectarian violence around the world is just a brief period we are passing through to a better age to-come.  We can begin building this better world now if we all want it, but it will never come if we give voice and power to sectarian greed.

We cannot, we must not, allow petty narrow-minded and destructive arguments to tear us apart after we've struggled so many centuries for a peaceful common unity.  We must fight for the evolution of our society and the future of Britain not for the ruin and retreat of devolution.

We can take power and responsibility for ourselves.  Our community belongs to the people not sectarian politicians.  Our problems are those we can solve, as individuals, communities or collectively through any number of visionary initiatives and independent efforts.  We must not allow ourselves to become dependent on one group or another of a provincial-minded political class that has proven repeatedly inadequate to the challenges of a greater world.  They only want to tear this country, Britain, apart like a pack of dogs for their own greed to power.

Prosperity To-Come

The politicians are exploiting the recession, poverty, fear and uncertainty for their own power, making endless promises.

I know we all face a tremendous economic struggle in this present recession but I believe it's something we can overcome by working together not allowing our common community savagely to be ripped apart.  The strength of our society and our justice, a healthier economy and greater prosperity will come better through unity not division. Through common purposeful efforts.

There is a real solution to our economic crisis which has not been discussed in Scotland or elsewhere in Britain.
It could bring hundreds of thousands of new jobs throughout the British Isles.
It could revitalise the entire British economy, pay off the government's debts
and solve many of our social, environmental and economic problems.
It will not be another burden of taxation or bureaucracy.

You won't read about this in the news.
You won't hear about it from divisive sectarian nationalistic politicians.
I know about it and all its benefits because I wrote it.
A major economic strategy is available and coming for everyone's benefit and the creation of a healthier, saner, more just and prosperous nation.

For the future of Britain and the British.
For evolution not devolution.
For prosperity to all.



In response to the Royal Mint competition (12th, September, 2014)
for a design of the new Pound Coin here is my interpretation for Britain and the British.
Unity, Peace, Prosperity for all.

If you share the dream of union then you're welcome to donate to the campaign.


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The writer is a former finance specialist.

For the last few years he has focussed his attention on the development of an alternative economic strategy for the UK and world economy through the stimulus of new technology innovation, design and the arts.

In his estimation the true unappreciated economic potential of the UK is enough to solve all UK economic, social and environmental problems without additional increases in taxation or regulation.  This is the basis of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a "Plan B" for Britain.

Benefits of the Prosperity Plan To-Date

(Summer 2014)

  1. Sufficient funds (estimated: £1,800,000 million) within five years to repay entire Treasury debt (subject to government approval and licensing of key elements of the plan).
  2. Launch of job programme for up to 300,000 workers in construction and allied industries.
  3. Construction programme launch for a solution to the UK housing crisis at approximately 250,000 homes per year once fully established.
  4. Beginning of new investment programme for UK high technology manufacturing.

Private initiatives are underway to launch this programme independently on a smaller scale to demonstrate full concept and prove its viability to the public for their popular support.


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