Commonwealth Prosperity Plan
The Caged Lion & European Regulation

"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond, 2011

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The Prosperity Plan proposed major investment programmes for the revival of the UK and world economy, but the British government are restrained from direct action owing to the European Bureaucracy.

Without permission from Europe Britain cannot take action, but The Prosperity Plan can.  It is a free, independent initiative "Action For Prosperity".

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Government Restrained By Europe

Date:  Monday the 18th of October, 2011

The British government recently received permission from Europe for the establishment of a "Green" Investment Bank, to invest only three thousand million pounds in selected industry.  This demonstrates how restricted they are in taking any large-scale initiatives.  The Prosperity Plan can undertak programmes several orders of magnitude greater than this one small government plan, and act independently of such outside restraints.

Why Europe does this, and why the government abides by it?

The its heart European State Aid rules prevent any large-scale interventionist programmes of action that might distort the broader European economy. State aid could distort with European-wide free market in favour of one or other nations and this is seen as disadvantageous to the principals of a free market (like the one currently ruining the EuroZone).  Governments are thus prevented by European agreement from any large programmes that would favour their economy over another, such as a British Jobs for British workers programme.

(Lots of rules, special conditions, limits, allowances, etc.)

So, enshrined in the heart of Euro pen is the ongoing fantasy day dream of "competition", the supposed magic cure to all forms of economic woe and growth.  At this stage I won't embark on the limitations and threats of "competitiveness", that's for another day.  It's sufficient that, like the limitations of the British preindustrial banking system the ideology of "competition" own more to archaic thinking and fails to meet social, economic, environmental and political needs outside a very limited scope of activity.

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Action for Prosperity

The Prosperity Plan is not so bound by European regulation because it can, in one sense, be looked at as a variant of the ideology of "Competitiveness".  It introduces an alternative system of economic activity, new methods of finance, new forms of investment and new opportunities for investment, innovation and creativity to solve the wide range of problems we face in the modern and future worlds.

Thus it is a "free market" answer - the creation of new business to enter the market - and does not contravene any current regulation.

The British government can lend their support without breaking any European rules simply by licensing the larger-scale project plans, at no cost to the Treasury or to the tax-payer.

The rewards are enormous.


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[Key words, etc:  Outline of the effects and dangers of public works and infrastructural programmes in the UK economy, especially a new London airport, third Heathrow runway, the HS2 high-speed rail link and other projects. HS2 and new London airport or Heathrow runways aren't enough for the revival of the UK economy.  These pages are subject to frequent changes.  Subject matter relates to the economic strategies of the British government, with regard to the banking financial crisis, the ongoing austere recession and factors to revive the economy through such measures as quantitative easing, tax cuts, reduction in planning permissions and much more.  Benefits of the Prosperity Include large-scale employment solution to the national housing crisis, protection of the green belts and countryside against urbanisation.]

"The Emperor Has No Clothes!"

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