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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond

There is an alternative strategy to revive the UK economy, call it Plan "B" (for Bond).
It offers an independent no-risk, low cost alternative, with no increase in taxation,
no increase in bureaucracy and major benefits in preserving the environment.
No tax-payers money is used, but the benefits, if supported by the UK government, may be
revolutionary for everyone.

Economic Recovery Plan "B" & Beyond

Date: Summer 2011

Many in the press and campaigners around the country are calling for a "Plan B" to revive the UK economy.  The government remain silent, and the press report little alternative; but there IS an alternative, a "Plan B" that has been available to the government since 2009, before and after the last election, and not yet taken up by the political parties.  I wrote it.

Part of the reason may be that I'm not well-connected or an academic with access to senior politicians, and part of the reason may be that the plan doesn't support the ideologies of either left or right wings of the political class - it's not politically-correct.

- Michael Bond

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Economic Benefits - UK and World-Wide

The Commonwealth Prosperity Plan has been drawn up for the revival United Kingdom economy and offers a wide range of major economic benefits throughout society, including:-

  1. Upto 300,000 (three hundred thousand) new jobs in the construction industry and related local benefits, and employment for at least twenty years.
  2. A solution to the housing crisis, to build at least five million new affordable homes to the highest standard without destroying the countryside or green belts - preservation for most or all of the countryside.
  3. The revival of the export manufacturing economy.
  4. Enough increased revenue for the Treasury to repay entiregovernment debt or budget deficit up to ten times over.

There is no cost to the Treasury or taxpayer.
There is no financial risk to the Treasury or taxpayer.
There are huge benefits for the Treasury & taxpayer.

Other benefits and programmes will subsequently be implemented for world-wide economic revival.

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A Private Initiative

Until there is government interest in the plan for the broader economy and society it will be implemented as a private independent initiative. It will raise and channel money in a tax-efficient and profitable manner to demonstrate the viability of the underlying features of the plan by inviting sponsors and subscribers around the world to enjoy all its benefits.

A series of options will be created, from early sponsorships and small-scale venture capital investment funds, through to subscription in a major economic development fund.

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How It Works

This is NOT an investment proposal.

For commercial reasons the bulk of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan remains private at this stage.  The heart of the plan is a programme of sponsorship and public subscription to a range of bold, visionary and dynamic scientific, industrial and commercial activities.

Using a mixture of income from supporters, tax deductible mechanisms and other channels money can be placed in the plan for the benefit of the economy.  In exchange all contributorss will be rewarded with unique products and offers.

For example, luxury goods will be developed for and offered to sponsors, including a new British designed and built limited edition sports car and exclusive luxury homes in prestigious settings.

Income from new innovative enterprises will raise more money to be returned to the Prosperity Plan for further growth.  This creates a virtuous circle of increasing support for innovation, research, development, design, engineering, creativity, investment opportunity and much more.

This is a long term strategy of ever-increasing support, growth, support and more growth.

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Critical Mass > Industrial Revolution

The aim of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan is to raise sufficient money to create a critical mass of capital.

This mass of money, tightly-focussed, will undertake large-scale scientific and economic research & development.  To make breakthroughs in key sciences and apply them in commercial enterprises.

This will require tens of thousands of millions of pounds, the kind of money normally invested by governments but which has been lacking for decades in Britain.  This will become a new source of scientific breakthrough R&D funding for the benefit of the world, complementing not competing with the existing funding mechanisms in society.

Such a programme of support will result in the revival and restoration, growth and transformation of over a dozen key industrial sectors throughout the world, including at least:-

  1. Automotive
  2. Aerospace
  3. Ship-building
  4. Construction
  5. Electronics
  6. Communications
  7. Transport/Travel
  8. Fashion
  9. Media/Entertainment
  10. Finance
  11. Leisure/Tourism
  12. Health/Medical



The government may claim they too are undertaking large-scale funding of science.  Their definition of large-scale is different from the Prosperity Plan by one or two orders of magnitude and their programmes are often confused as one party in government slashes ideas from the previous one - there is no central, coherent, sustained vision of what Britain can achieve and no time to achieve anything before the policy flips to the other party's vision. 

The Prosperity Plan offers a single long-term, sustainable vision with a very lean management model to achieve it - no politics, no bureaucracy, no confusion, no waste.  One vision, one prosperity for all.

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Not "Wild" Capitalism

The commercial business heart of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan is not traditional "wild" free market capitalism of selfish predatory greed.  The prevailing ideology of free market competitiveness to reduce prices to the consumer/voter can be shown to be inherently damaging to investment in innovation.

Under the Plan there will be abundant commercial opportunities for subscribers and lifetime rewards and benefits for everyone.  However, the core management of all money is conducted for permanent reinvestment and growth into the forseeable future.  There are no shareholders, no profit division, no dispersal of this Treasury for the private greed of a handful of selfish predatory investors.

Greed is NOT good, Prosperity IS profitable.
The rewards of prosperity will be far better for everyone in a wealthier, healthier, saner world.

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If you'd like to support the Prosperity Plan
then you can make a donation here.


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[Key words, etc:  These pages are subject to frequent changes.  Subject matter relates to the economic strategies of the British government, with regard to the banking financial crisis, the ongoing austere recession and factors to revive the economy through such measures as quantitative easing, tax cuts, reduction in planning permissions and much more.  Benefits of the Prosperity include large-scale employment solution to the national housing crisis, protection of the green belts and countryside against urbanisation.]

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