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Tax Avoidance Costs UK Government "Billions"
Ignoring the Prosperity Plan will cost "Trillions"

"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond, 2011

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Chase Tax or Chase Prosperity?

Date:  Wednesday the 20th of November, 2011

Once again, as it's been the norm for many months, the chasing tax campaign gallops across the national media headlines.  The "huge" sums lost to legal tax avoidance is raised as a "solution" to the country's economic crisis, and nothing is said about any alternative.

The country is made to believe this is a way to solve the economic crisis, a simple way to raise money to pay for previous government incompetence - tax the rich.

It's simple, it's emotive and it's ignoring the value of greater opportunities to raise sustainable long term wealth creation throughout the UK for the benefit of millions of ordinary people.

This is the Prosperity Plan, a direct action plan to revitalise the economy and create the kind of long term sustainable incomes that far exceed all the tax avoidance schemes in the country.

The Plan offers the potential to:-

  1. Relieve the government of key capital expense burdens, taking on a role for the delivery of capital projects and releasing Treasury funding for debt repayment or renewed investment.
  2. Create new economic growth for the long term prosperity of the economy and earn sufficient income to repay the current budget deficit upto forty times over.  That's upto seven million million pounds in new tax revenue.

A commitment to prosperity, to large-scale sustainable economic growth will create hundreds of thousands of jobs, relieve the financial burden from the Treasury of unemployment benefits and increase its income through new and increasing revenues as the economy is revived.  No need to chase legitimate tax avoidance, no need to create elaborate expensive and bureaucratic mechanisms to chase a little extra money scraped from the bottom of the barrel.

Forget tax avoidance publicity stunts chase prosperity instead.

Take Action for Prosperity Today.

Footnote:  The government are concerned about a loss of just £10,000 millions.  The Prosperity Plan offers £7,000,000 millions. 

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[Key words, etc:  Tax avoidance schemes. Prosperity Plan and Action for Prosperity. These pages are subject to frequent changes.  Subject matter relates to the economic strategies of the British government, with regard to the banking financial crisis, the ongoing austere recession and factors to revive the economy through such measures as quantitative easing, tax cuts, reduction in planning permissions and much more.  Benefits of the Prosperity Include large-scale employment solution to the national housing crisis, protection of the green belts and countryside against urbanisation.  "Action For Prosperity(TM)"  All rights Reserved.]

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