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Fair Employment or Fake Employment?

Date:  Monday the 10th of March, 2014

"Labour Party Ed Miliband proposes taxing bankers to pay for a million-man youth employment scheme, but ignores real job creation in the Prosperity Plan."

Today's announcement that the next Labour government will attempt to tax bank bonuses and the rich (again) to pay for a mass employment programme for young people founders on a number of issues and demonstrates the future Labour government's commitment to real employment and prosperity in the UK

1.  To begin with they assume they can tax the banks.  Obviously they haven't heard of tax avoidance schemes and the various and wickedly innovative ways the banking and finance sector can not pay tax on bonuses.  So the chance the Labour government would be able to raise the revenue for their scheme from that source is vanishingly small.

2.  They don't appear to have learnt that THERE AREN'T ANY fair jobs around.  The country's economy has been squeezed to within a hair's breath of death (except London Boom Town) and there is nothing left in the potential for this kind of growth (over a million in the time you can say "magic wand" or "fairy dust"?).  With the door open to EU migrants taking up increasing numbers of low paid jobs the future Labour government fail to appreciate the tremendous hurdles they will have to overcome in dealing with this enormously difficult task of putting a million young people to work. Unless they're all to become coolies working on that other vast and useless Labour scheme the HS2 Train Set?

3.  The Labour Party have had access to the Prosperity Plan since 2009.  As you will see if you read through the core details of this "Plan B" for the revival of the UK economy there is at least the opportunity of creating up to three hundred thousand jobs in the UK economy for just one programme, of many.  Despite having access to this they have shown no interest in fair jobs, fair employment and fair wages for the UK.

The Labour Party's announcement comes close to the local council elections in a few weeks.  This then appears nothing more than a vain stunt to win popular support and a brief flurry of publicity before the local elections.  It also highlights their inability to capitalise on another opportunity from the Prosperity Plan - the recent proposal to deal with the floods in the UK with a new, independent, no-tax investment initiative to inject upto £60,000 millions into the economy for repair and new building programmes.

If this is the quality of thinking in the Labour Party today I fear they will fail the country when the time comes to face the real challenge of creating a new age of prosperity for all unless an alternative is found.

Take Action for Prosperity Today.

Footnote:  The Prosperity Plan offers economic growth sufficient to resolve the core financial crisis facing the UK economy at no cost or risk to the Treasury and tax-payers.

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