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Which is the better Big Project?

Date:  Tuesday the 18th of March, 2014

"The British government are being pressed to accelerate the development of HS2, but there is another project, another option, that could deliver far more benefit to the economy at little or no cost to the Treasury and tax-payer - MichaelsPort."

In the last couple of years I've commented repeatedly about the perils of HS2 and alternative opportunities.  I've now published my own alternative strategy based on a variation of the Thames Estuary airport debate.

This is MichaelsPort an independent strategy to build a new kind of airport and investing in a wide range of British innovative technologies for the 'Port, its clients and onward export to stimulate more economic recovery.

MichaelsPort is a £90,000 million project with no long term cost to the Treasury - no cost to tax-payers.  Unlike HS2 there is NO TAX BURDEN on the public.  Yet the project can deliver far more long term economic, social and environmental benefits to the country.


Here are a few of the highlights.

Project Investment £40-60,000 millions. £90,000 millions.
Cost to government & public £40-60,000 millions - debt & taxes. NIL - private investment.
Investment for exports NIL At least £15,000 millions.
Industries to receive investment Railways
Power Generation
Cost to public High rail fares to repay debts. NIL, no debt repayment.
Investment in new technology Erm, we'll get back to you on that. Aerospace (upto £15,000 millions)
Power Generation (at least £1,000 million?)
Rail (upto £20,000 millions?)
Investment in UK rail technology NO, it's a 1960 style Japanese bullet train. YES, it's British, it's MagLev!
Exportable rail technology NO, we're importing it. YES, it's British!
Other exportable technologies NO. Aerospace
Airports - replicating MichaelsPort
Home Systems/Gadgets
Housing Technologies(?)
Power Generation
Main Technology Manufacturing & Job Creation Locations Erm, we'll get back to you on that.
Probably Germany.
Many locations around the UK.
Stimulus to London YES! YES!
Stimulus to the rest of the UK Erm, we'll get back to you on that. YES!
Lots of manufacturing industries (see above lists).
Gouging up beautiful English countryside YES!
Beware Yellow Bulldozers
Green is good!
Save our scenery!
Other socioeconomic benefits Erm, we'll get back to you on that. 20-52,000+ affordable homes (no countryside is used in this).
Environmentally-friendly hydro-power generation.
High technology job creation in modern manufacturing.
CONCLUSION Dead-End A New Track


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Save our countryside anit-HS2 campaign sign.

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