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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond

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Article: 3rd, December, 2014

A personal response to the Chancellors Autumn Statement earlier today and the challenge - does he want and will he embrace action for prosperity?

This presentation was created in response to the Chancellor's autumn statement today and the likelihood that it would contain little of real tangible benefit to the country; that austerity and minor tweaking to the economy and government's debts will be the principal focus and no long term strategy would be announced.

It is unlikely that the Chancellor will adopt any aspect of the prosperity plan and its action programme to stimulate economic growth in a manner that will clear the governmet's debts and lift this burden from the country's shoulders.

There is a way to prosperity.  Does the Chancellor want to take this path?


Summary Benefits of the Prosperity Plan To-Date

(Winter 2014)

  1. Sufficient funds (estimated: £1,800,000 million) within five years to repay entire Treasury debt (subject to government approval and licensing of key elements of the plan).
  2. Launch of job programme for up to 300,000 workers in construction and allied industries.
  3. Construction programme launch for a solution to the UK housing crisis at approximately 250,000 homes per year once fully established.
  4. Beginning of new investment programme for UK high technology manufacturing.

Private initiatives are underway to launch this programme independently on a smaller scale to demonstrate full concept and prove its viability to the public for their popular support.


Up-Date - 8th, May, 2015

Yesterday the 2015 general election saw the Tory party win a victory by a slim margin.  Although they had the opportunity to take action for prosperity they stuck to thei guns and have dedicated themselves to a long term economic plan that is likely to entail another five years of austerity and deep spending cuts for the British economy.


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Michael Bond is designer of the Rumbler Sport Car, ( a new concept in off-road adventure car design for wealthy enthusiasts and collectors around the world. His background includes over a decade's work in the finance sector where he begin to draw up plans for a new economic strategy to stimulate the revival of the UK economy. The Rumbler Sport Tank is the first step in delivering that strategy by stimulating new technology investment for export.

As a former finance specialist over the last few years he has focussed his attention on the development of an alternative economic strategy for the UK and world economy through the stimulus of new technology innovation, design and the arts.

In his estimation the true unappreciated economic potential of the UK is enough to solve all UK economic, social and environmental problems without additional increases in taxation or regulation.  This is the basis of the Commonwealth Prosperity Plan, a "Plan B" for Britain.


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[Key words, etc:  Message to the Chancellor of the Exchequer on action for prosperity.  The prosperity plan offers an alternative action plan to clear the budget deficit and government debt, how much prosperity does the Chancellor want, how quickly and what is the Chancellor prepared to pay for it?  Partly in response to the Chancellor's autumn statement. These pages are subject to frequent changes.  Subject matter relates to the economic strategies of the British government, with regard to the banking financial crisis, the ongoing austere recession and factors to revive the economy through such measures as quantitative easing, tax cuts, reduction in planning permissions and much more.  Benefits of the Prosperity Include large-scale employment solution to the national housing crisis, protection of the green belts and countryside against urbanisation.]

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