Economic Stimulus By Tax Avoidance

Michael Bond
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"All the social, economic and environmental problems facing the world today can be solved,
the problem is that the solutions are not politically-correct."

Michael Bond

There is an alternative strategy to revive the UK economy, call it Plan "B" (for Bond).
It offers an independent no-risk, low cost alternative, with no increase in taxation,
no increase in bureaucracy and major benefits in preserving the environment.
No tax-payers money is used, but the benefits, if supported by the UK government, may be

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Article: 30th, May, 2013

illustration - Economic Stimulus By Tax Avoidance

Introduction to an alternative view of tax avoidance and its potential contribution to a new prosperity.

Amid all the anti-tax avoidance campaigns and arguments from politicians, protesters and the press there is one thought not voiced - Tax Avoidance is Good For Business.

I am planning a form of tax avoidance programme that will upset all the commentators. It will divert potentially hundreds of millions of pounds away from the Treasury. I've chosen this because I see no other alternative.

This programme is intended to support my ambitions for stimulating a revival of the country's manufacturing economy. By creating a variety of tax avoidance schemes I can offer their benefits as an incentive to every customer for a range of unique, innovative manufactured products, beginning with the prestige luxury car market.

Tax avoidance comes into play by offering wealthy clients the opportunity to acquire luxury prestige British crafts products at exceptionally competitive prices. To me this is one of the most efficient ways for a UK company to compete on the international markets against cheap labour or subsidised competition.

Would you want to legitimately avoid sales tax, or reduce income tax liability or more? Then this is a route for you if you're wealthy enough.

Why the wealthy? Firstly, because they'll value the benefits of saving tens of thousands or more on a new luxury acquisition; and, secondly, in the middle of an austere recession they are the only substantial market with disposable income, and they want to keep their hands on it.

Morality?   This is the kind of challenge posed by politicians who don't have to face the daily struggle for survival under severe austerity measures. Is it moral to avoid tax?

How about this question - is it moral to strangle the economy and force people to despair with no hope of improvement?   Is this suffering moral?

The morality of tax avoidance must be treated in the broadest sense. If, in using avoidance, we can stimulate cashflow and growth then in my opinion this is a valid business process.

For me the use of avoidance will appeal to high net worth clients seeking the best of British produce in a competitive world. It offers the potential to create hundreds of new jobs, attract huge volumes of inwards investment and stimulate bold new innovation in manufacturing, science, technology, design and many other sectors.

With a government pouring almost endless rivers of money into our failed and broken banking system, a system which delivers virtually nothing to new industry, innovations in tax avoidance offer an alternative source of indirect finance for bold new businesses. At present, with all other sources of finance closed for investment in new ideas this is the only game in town if we're to achieve innovations in industry, growth and prosperity to get us all out of this insane, severe and avoidable austerity.

The potential to make real, productive use of suitable tax avoidance methods is enormous. The clients win by saving money, manufacturing wins by receiving new income, innovators and designers win through new investment, only the Treasury will loose, short term. But even here well-managed and socially responsible tax avoidance can bring wider benefits to the community and Treasury through employment, placing money into circulation and stimulating the ripple effects we need to really get this country out of recession today.


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