Book of Dragon's Vale, written by Michael Bond, inspired by JRR Tolkien's Lord Of The Rings

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"Dragon's Vale" - A Future Unbound

"Any sufficiently advance technology is indistinguishable from magic"
Arthur C. Clarke

"Dragon's Vale"   On Earth in the distant future mankind has been transformed beyond all recognition.  Mutation, wars and runaway technology have condemned the world to quarantine from the outside universe and most people have forgotten their origins.

This is a world in which technology has become magical, in which Elves, Mages and Unicorns walk the world as the products of unimaginable advances in science and technology over unknown ages of time.  Their history forgotten, men treat their world as a natural place, with no thought to their origins.

Only one place remembers everything, "Dragon's Vale", a remote valley by the ocean, created at a time when men ruled the world like gods.

To conquer "Dragon's Vale" offers unlimited power.  But men have forgotten what else lies there, awaiting them.

"Here be dragons! Go away, or die!"

The Book Of Dragon's Vale, written by Michael Bond, Dragon's Head illustration

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Background to "Dragon's Vale"

"Dragon's Vale" is a short story (20 pages) written by Michael Bond and inspired by JRR Tolkien's "The Lord Of The Rings" and the question - what if it was set in the future?  An interpretation of what happened after those events and in the thousands of years that followed during the return of men in the world.

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"Dragon's Vale" is available for free as personal entertainment.  It is not available for any form of commercial redistribution or exploitation, amendment, reediting, reproduction in any commercial media (all rights are reserved by the writer). 

You are encouraged to send it out to all your friends and contacts who might enjoy it, or know someone who will enjoy it, forward it to them at every opportunity.  The story contains much bloodshed and rude words, some elements of the story may not be suitable for immature/younger readers.

If you want to receive a copy of "The Book Dragon's Vale" then leave your details and it will be sent over to you as soon as possible (typically the weekly dispatch occurs Monday morning, UK time).

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Book Of Dragon's Vale, written by Michael Bond

(c) Michael Bond, 2011, ALL copyrights, design rights and trademarks reserved


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