Recent events in London highlighting the continuing case of violence against women has prompted Michael Bond to answer with his own personal thoughts on the history of repression of women.

After careful consideration Michael Bond announces his intention to run for the local elections for the Mayor of Greater Manchester.

The COVID-19 epidemic poses a number of serious long term challenges to the world. Here Michael Bond explores two of the most difficult challenges.

Friday, 7th, January, 2021 So there we are and it all ends happily after thirteen weeks of silliness in this mash-up between Star Trek and Doctor Who, all very, as the Great Time Lord would say, “Timey Wimey”. Let’s recap …

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The long term effects on children during the COVID crisis in Britain means we must pay attention to the mental and physical damage to their health and invest extensively in corrective measures to heal them.

Tuesday, 20th, October, 2020 And so we are once again in space, slightly lost, beyond frontiers, Star Trek Dicso 3 has appeared on our screens. I wonder what will happen, lots of exciting adventures every week, according to the imps …

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Windows 10 data recovery. Following a boot error that blocked access here is the lesson of how to recover, and what you ought to do to protect your Windows 10 systems.

The experience of the Manchester terrorist bombings from the IRA bombing in the 1990s, to the Manchester Arena Ariana Grande concert bombing in 2017 highlights what could be done to improve the responses and management of emergency services when co-ordinated action is needed across all emergency services.