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Welcome supporters!

Please complete all the details you are comfortable with. This form allows you to leave a message for Michael and make a contribution through your moral or practical support.

SIGNATORIES: If you are happy to sign-up and confirm Michael as your candidate in each of the 10 districts of Greater Manchester then we will need your full details to contact you and pass them on to the election officers. It is a legal duty that they confirm you are indeed a registered voter in the district. If you have any questions then Michael or one of his volunteers or Bond Girls will reach out to you close to the election.

REMEMBER: Michael needs your signatory and funding to go ahead with the campaign by the first week in April. Without support nothing will happen and we’re all off on the merry-go-round of “Traditional” politics – you have been warned.

And don’t forget to tell all your friends, there are so many people who want a healthier, saner, better world for themselves, their families, friends and communities.

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