Welcome to my world. Short(ish) stories and collections I am publishing to the world for your enjoyment. If you have found your way here through a link from one of my eBooks then welcome to my collection, add it to your collection today.

My Writing

Over the last few years I have been working on many short stories from five up to twenty-odd thousand words, adventures in Science Fiction and explorations of special ideas about the world and the future. I am publishing these as eBooks to all my fans, followers and supporters around the world to enjoy and share (meaning, tell your friends to come and buy their own copy).

Film & TV Writing – FREE Sample

In addition to my short stories I’ve been working on concepts for film and television projects, some of which will spin out from my stories. I won’t publish my scripts until I’m ready for production, but I have one FREE sample I wrote in 2014/15 to give you a flavour of my SF film writing style – a fan fiction or a concept for a reboot of the famous “Predator” series. Visit my web site to learn about “Predator Hunt” and download the FREE script to enjoy this alternative action-thriller of how a few good men and women fight back against the alien Predators deep in the jungle.

Predator Hunt, speculative script from Michael Bond to reboot the famous Predator science fiction film series.

My SF eBooks

If you want to learn more about my science fiction stories, here are the ones I have for your enjoyment now, as eBooks, Kindle, Nook, etc.

Dragon's Vale header

Dragon’s Vale
An alternative interpretation of the future, inspired by JRR Tolkien’s “Lord Of The Rings”. Here is a unique kind of sequel to such a grand mythic saga.
Read the introduction and buy the eBook here; and download the FREE Map to all the adventures in Dragon’s Vale.

The Rattlesnakes of Mars
A terrible threat on Mars must be averted by two engineers in a desperate race across the desolate red planet.
(Links to my Norfilms web site, where you can learn more and buy the eBook.)

Glyph for Little Box Of Horrors

The Little Box Of Horrors
There’s a storm coming on the conquered Earth.
One young boy is about to unleash hell when he is given the keys to a terrible power that might be the salvation of the human race.
The Little Box Of Horrors HERE.

The Chronicles Of Bob The Meteor Miner!
Being the adventures of Bob, on The Belt, with a Big Bunny.
A series of stunning stories sharing the adventures of our future in the world of Man (and Bunny) in Space. Like nothing you’ve ever read before!
Read About Bob, and Bunnies, here.

Cover art from the first four eBooks by Michael Bond

The Art of My Stories

Did you enjoy my stories and would you like to learn more? Read about my cover artwork and the stories behind each image of my first four eBooks. I created each cover to reflect the story within and how I see the spirit of that book.

Read The First, The Art of Dragon’s Vale Here.

The Second, The Rattlesnakes of Mars, is here.

Third in the series is The Little Box of Horrors: Here

Fourth and final cover in the series is The Chronicles of Bob The Meteor Miner – Here

FREE Short Story

Another FREE Sample of Michael’s writing! Direct to you from the hot seat over the plague ridden world of Christmas 2020. To help everyone take a break from the nightmare of the COVID crisis striking the world down, Michael has written the short story Solomon Teacher’s Quest, a taste of the world of Dragon’s Vale.

DOWNLOAD your free copy now here.

The Supercar To Save The World

When not writing, my full-time focus is on solving the real challenges of Climate Change. I’ve been working on this for many years with an evolving strategy to solve world Climate Change with new automotive technology innovation. The heart of this strategy is the Rumbler 505 Sport Tank, the real superhero supercar. Inspired by the comicbook Batmobile from the Dark Knight series of films, this is a supercar for the super rich to share in changing the world. The heart of the Sport Tank is a more efficient engine design to reduce fuel consumption and air pollution as a transition to the world of all-electric power over the next century. Learn more about my Climate Change initiative and the technology being developed at my other web site.

Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

Don’t forget to explore more about my thoughts, ideas and work here and across all my sites.

Another FREE Sample!

Congratulations, you’re near the bottom of the page and your own very special FREE sample. Not a writing sample but a film production sample: my short film “How To Kill A Godzilla”. Or Godzilla v. St Trinians!

How to Kill a Godzilla - poster

Go Godzilla!

And another thing…

Monday, 4th, May, 2020. “Star Wars Day” (I don’t know who comes up with these things, but it did prompt me to another thought)…

A Dalek floats in the air to the title Dalek Star Wars

(And finally. Yes, that is my old typewriter at the top of the page.)