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Welcome to my story selection. Short(ish) stories and little collections I am publishing to the world for your enjoyment. If you have found your way here through a link from one of my eBooks then you already have an idea about what I’m doing – a Very Special Crowd Funding Campaign.

Welcome To My Climate Change Crowd

Over the last few years I have been working on many short stories from five up to twenty thousand words, adventures in Science Fiction and explorations of special ideas. I am now publishing these to all my fans, followers and supporters around the world to help raise a seed fund to solve some of the critical problems facing the world today.

The heart of my action plan is the creation of a new solution to urban air pollution and Climate Change by improving vehicle design and technology, with the aim of solving air pollution within eighteen years from full funding. Beyond this I believe it’s possible solve world climate change within forty years of concerted effort if we brush aside the nonsense from much of the world’s politicians holding us back from a brighter, cleaner, healthier future.

My SF Stories

If you want to learn more about my stories and the climate initiative here are a few links for you.

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Dragon’s Vale
A new interpretation of the future inspired by JRR Tolkien’s “Lord Of The Rings”, here is a sequel to such a grand saga. Find it through your local eBook reseller from September 2019 onwards.
Read the introduction here.

The Rattlesnakes of Mars
A terrible threat to a remote outpost on Mars must be averted by two engineers in a desperate race across the planet.
(Links to my Norfilms web site.)

(COMING NEAR Christmas 2019)
The Chronicles Of Bob The Meteor Miner

Being the adventures of Bob, on The Belt, with a Big Bunny.
Read About Bob here.

The Supercar To Save The World

Rumbler 505 Sport Tank, the real superhero supercar. A supercar for the super rich to share in changing the world. Learn more about my Climate Change initiative, the fund-raising, the core project and technology being developed with your support when you purchase one of my short stories. Come and join me there in Team Rumbler as we develop the supercar to save the world.

Rumbler 505 Sport Tank

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