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All 2021 Mayoral Campaign information below, videos presentations and thoughts from Michael Bond are preserved here for future reference.

Michael Bond, Greater Manchester Mayor & A New Vision

Post-COVID and Britain faces a tremendous and exciting opportunity for a new prosperity, a new vision and new future. We have the chance to take advantage of this opportunity to revitalise, reform and rebuild our economy in a changing world. Both the world COVID crisis and the completion of BREXIT, Britain’s exit from the European Union, mean we have an opportunity to forge a new path and take advantage of this new world.

City of Industrial Revolution

“we need a unique leadership”

Greater Manchester, seen as the birthplace of the world industrial revolution over two centuries ago, the first great industrial powerhouse of the modern world, now has the opportunity to be part of a new age of visionary innovation, industry, prosperity. It won’t be easy, and that’s why we need a new visionary to open the doors to this new age.

After decades of social, cultural and economic decline and failure we must seize this single moment of opportunity before it’s too late and for that we need a unique leadership.

End of Fantasy Politics

Once before, seventy-five years ago, at the end of the second world war we had the chance to seize new optimism and opportunity and the established order failed the people. Instead of focussing on modernisation, on new innovation and industry, the government of that time, under the Labour Party tried to build a New Age fantasy world called New Jerusalem. They failed to take notice of and advantage of the changing world around them and the new economic challenges coming out of all the breakthrough sciences of that time. As a result Britain suffered the consequences of economic stagnation and decline for decades to-come.

Michael Bond, the Industrial Revolutionary

Michael Bond is a born innovator, a technology enthusiast with a broad range of experience in community matters, in international finance, in urban design and development and the advanced technologies of the modern and future world. He has the vision, you have the votes, will you join Michael in reopening the Workshop of the World?

Michael stands for mayor for a range of personal reasons. Decades of living in the North and watching the decline and decay of the region and all the many lost opportunities have prompted him to offer his vision to the public, to launch a new, true industrial revolution and solve many, all, the crises we face today and will face in the years to-come.

Do not doubt that there will be challenges ahead. BREXIT offers those in sackfuls, while we will be living with the long term effects of the COVID epidemic for years, possibly decades to-come.

“a uniquely innovative vision”

Michael brings a new and uniquely innovative vision to solving such challenges and bringing on a new kind of industrial revolution to reawaken the region and the nation. His ambitions in the high technology automotive industry are one example of how to address the challenges of climate change, air pollution and traffic congestion in our cities. He combines this with a unique understanding of international finance to tap into the huge wealth of the world and bring new and greater investment into the region to solve our challenges now, today.

Fewer Tax Zones, More Innovation

Rather than raise tax and establish more and more bureaucracies, such as the punitive Clean Air Zones, Michael takes on such challenges by identifying new technical and financial answers. In this way we can create new enterprise to solve such challenges, create new jobs, raise new tax and much more, without being an ever-increasing burden on the peoples’ backs.

A Long Path to Justice, Dignity and Prosperity

“a vision of growth and reform”

Michael vision for Greater Manchester is one of growth and reform. The region has a rich cultural heritage that can be restored and rehabilitated to create a new environment for new industry, new commerce, employment and a just, fair and dignified society. Rather than allowing our towns of Greater Manchester to rot away or be devoured by soulless property developers we can remake the entire community of all our fine towns into a burgeoning new community of work, innovation, arts, science, education and justice.

Much as been said in recent months and years of the desperate poverty in our towns, producing the effects of the heightened COVID crisis in the last year or the longer term issues of radicalisation in some of our communities. Despite decades of effort from conventional political thinking we remain in a desperate situation. This needs a new vision and a new answer. It won’t be easy to implement but can can do this given time, effort, patience and the willingness of the people to support Michael’s vision, backed by the right government who share the ideal of a healthy and dignified society for everyone.

Michael, The Outsider’s Vision

“the challenge of visionary talent”

Over the years Michael, as an outsider to the political establishment, has put forward proposals to revive our economy and take advantages of new challenging opportunities. In 2009 he put forward a rescue plan for the Woodford Aerodrome on the outskirts of Stockport to create a new centre of innovative design for a revived civil aerospace industry, but lacked the influence to see his ideas put into action. Similarly, ten years later, in 2019, he submitted plans to Manchester University for their ID Manchester challenge: creating a new inner urban community at the heart of Manchester. These experiences highlighted the challenge of visionary talent in a society where there is no voice for outside answers. Michael response is simple, to become the power at the centre, to offer the people of Greater Manchester the benefit of his experience and talent and turn his vision of Greater Manchester into a prosperous reality for everyone.

A New Vote For You

Some people will say they are uncertain about this when there are so many experienced politicians and administrators around. Michael answers this way: vote for your traditional local councillor to handle your local needs and vote for Michael to bring a new world to your door.

A New Man.

A New Vision.

A New Future.

Now come and learn all about Michael’s plans and thoughts about the future of Greater Manchester and how you can become involved. Start here and watch Michael’s First Introduction & History lesson.

Key Highlights – Michael’s Objectives

“many challenges and many opportunities”

There will be many challenges ahead with Michael as Mayor of Greater Manchester, economic and social, political, legal and technical, but Michael has a few strategic aims in mind to deliver his vision of the future. None of this is likely to need any new tax, new bureaucracy or other suffocating strictures on our communities. All are intended to deliver new opportunity and prosperity. Some will require licence from central government but impose no financial or bureaucratic burden on anyone.

  • Alternative affordable housing plans to save the green belts from further destruction.
  • New housing delivered through the new housing plan where Michael has already identified brown-field options for 50-70,000 new homes in a few parts of Greater Manchester (more to-come).
  • Investments of upto £20,000 millions in new housing and economic development programmes around the home-building programme.
  • New education and training opportunities, once the programmes are underway, to serve the housing programme with local jobs for local people.
  • Fund-raising for, design and eventual delivery of major hospital reconstruction, focussing initially on South Manchester/Stockport hospitals to bring them up to the highest standards of the 21st Century.
  • New advanced technology home security initiatives for all our communities integrated with enhanced community policing (this remains confidential as it embodies a range of new technologies that cannot be discussed in public at this stage). See Here as one example of Michael’s thinking on emergency response systems for public safety.
  • NO Clean Air Zone, tax or bureaucracy burden. This will be addressed through new initiatives in new clean air and carbon-neutral technology investment through Michael’s supercar initiatives.
  • The national hyper-rail initiative. A new programme of investment in the national rail network, subject to central government approval to create a new National Rail Trust Company under Michael’s custodianship.
  • New Manchester Airport Terminal, subject to suitable funding arrangements to create a new centre of R&D (after Michael couldn’t get his Woodford Rescue plans off the grounds) based at and operating out of Manchester Airport. Subject to Airport Authority approvals from the Combined Authorities.
  • Complimenting Michael’s earlier proposals for Manchester University’s ID Manchester project, to create a new centre of innovation in the city centre, Michael has identified a critical strategic need for a new research centre attached to the Graphene Institute and compliment its world-beating work on advanced materials. This aims to focus on strategic innovation that must be advanced free of foreign espionage common in the university sector.

Ambitious Investment

“large-scale investment”

Many of these ambitious objectives involve large-scale investment. Michael has the experience to source the funding independently if his plans are approved by central government agencies to obtain international trading licences. No government funding will be required for this as there is plenty of money in the world financial system we can tap into as we make Greater Manchester a new focal point for the international monetary system. Some start-funding will be required to kickstart this and the public are invited to join Michael, fund this unique initiative and help bring about these rewarding transformations in the region to lift everyone out of the despair we are all suffering.


Before We Begin
Your Help Is Needed

Michael’s campaign for Mayor will not happen without your support. He has only a couple of weeks, until the first week in April to win your approval, your donations and your signatures to proceed, so we’ll begin there…

Supporters WANTED NOW!

To stand for election Michael must have the support and approval of at least 100 people, registered voters, across Greater Manchester.

Enthusiasts for change, supporters of innovation, or just those ticked off by the Establishment and who, like Michael, are no longer willing to to tolerate any nonsense from traditional politics.


Volunteers WANTED NOW!

Without volunteers to get the word out, and all the other gubbins, nothing ever gets done in the wonderful world of politics. Michael needs an Army of Prosperity, are you ready to Join Up?

Do you have a moment to spare, would you like to help out and spread the word? Got any positive thoughts and good suggestions to help the campaign move forward?



Now let’s talk about money. No political campaign comes cheap and Michael will need your support to challenge the Establishment. From small to large donations there are assorted opportunities to give your support to reach the minimum target to go ahead and enter the election formally by early April.


Announcements, News &
Other Campaign Posts

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Mayoral Announcement

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AND NOW, Let’s Get On With The Revolution

Nothing comes easily overnight, there is no magical trick to solving our deeply rooted problems.

Michael will explain his timetable for the new revolution soon…

To solve the problems facing our society, here in Greater Manchester, the North and throughout the country (the UK not just “Britain”) will need a comprehensive integrated strategy.

WATCH the presentation now.

Green Belts. Can they be saved while addressing the tremendous challenge of housing that has blighted this country for over 75 years (yes, since the end of the Second World War!)? Can Michael help solve the housing crisis in Greater Manchester and throughout the North? A challenge that has stumped the political elites for decades?

WATCH the presentation now.

Fuel Poverty is an increasing issue for many, and will be for many years. Learn from Michael’s experience how he plans to address this and the related issue of your rights.

WATCH the presentation now.

Climate Change and the Carbon Crisis have lead the political elite to their latest fad: Clean Air Zones. Michael knows there is a better way to a healthier world.

WATCH the presentation now.

To solve the housing crisis needs a new approach to Urban Design. Here’s Michael’s approach based on his background.

WATCH the presentation now.

There is a long history to the debate about the future of British Railways and the HS2 controversy is just the latest episode.

WATCH the presentation now.

Throughout 2020 and into 2021 COVID has been a world-wide disaster that will live with us for years or generations. You may ask what is Michael’s opinion on this and what may come in the future

WATCH the presentation now.

One of the key roles of Greater Manchester’s Mayor is to serve as Police Commissioner. Read Michael’s thoughts on this.

READ the notes here.

Levelling Up, a major buzzword from the Prime Minister, but what can this mean for us?

PART One of a two-part subject (see Uplift).

WATCH the presentation now.

Uplift, Michael’s personal vision and alternative to the Levelling Up for the Big Bosses. This is personal for you.

PART Two of a two-part subject (see Levelling Up).

WATCH the presentation now.

Nothing here, move along now, come back when Michael has written another page. Vote Bond.

READ the notes here.


If you want to contact Michael, give your support or leave a polite message a suitable little mailbox is here.

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The Gang of One.
Fun Information for the serious techy/geeky.

From mid-February 2021 onwards, to create this campaign and his vision of the future of Greater Manchester, in addition to building on his work and visions from the last few decades, Michael: created this Elect web site, created all the icons, artwork and literature, learnt new video editing tools and techniques, produced the early video presentations, devised a series of optional fund-raising strategies, merchandising and other goodies, spent some time doing voluntary work in his local country park (there was a lot of mud involved, Michael won), and generally had a lot of thinking and strategising. This is the ultimate One-Man party, or…. The Gang of One!

Or to put it another way, do you want to vote for a multi-talented, technically-adept visionary or dumb party vegetable?

And yes, he has a slight sense of humour, go read some of his short stories and other adventures if you want a giggle. Mind the Space Bunnies and Unicorns.

Learn yet even more about Michael from his Biog.

And yes, some of the videos are wokny! He’s working with a smartphone that’s so smart he can’t find out how to switch off all the clever auto-focussing gadgets that keeps changing focus, balance and much more. Maybe he’ll buy a proper camera when he has enough support!


If you want to contact Michael, give your support or leave a polite message a suitable little mailbox is here.

Donate Now button for Michael Greater Mayoral election campaign 2021.

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Come and make a donation to the campaign now and start the New Revolution of prosperity.